We use only best raw filament.
Weight can be from 50g to 500g per m².
Size until 500cm wide and rolled until 500m.

Advanced management guaranteed from German, Switzerland, Italian, Austria quality management

First class machine! First class fabric! Quick delivery time!
Professional packing!


Stormflag 90g/m²

Stormflag 110g/m²

Stormflag 120g/m²

Shinning Stormflag 125g/m²

Stormflag 135g/m²

Stormflag 150g/m²

Stormflag 180g/m²

Coated Stormflag 210g/m²

Satin 125g/m²

Satin 160g/m²

Display 110g/m²

Display 130g/m²

Display 160g/m²

Display 200g/m²

Fan Flag 80g/m²

Table Flag 50g/m²

Tablebanner 330g/m²

Nylon 110g/m²

Shipflag 160g/m²

Airtex 115g/m²

Longlife 120g/m²

Non-Woven 135g/m²

Woven 170g/m²

Oxford 300g/m²

Coated Oxford 330g/m²

Shining Stromflag 110g/m²

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