• bpf-370x370


    Movable advertising medium : > Easy to catch the eyes > Easy to carry > Unlimited mobility > Different kinds of shape Backpack Flags—let your message move on the way With the promotional backpack you will stand out in the crowd, while presenting your message in a creative, fun way
  • Beach Aluminum (BAA)

    Stands and Accessaries Packing information Standard sizes and templates
  • branded flags

    Beachflag Premium (BFP)

    Pole material: carbon fiberglass composing, longer using life Same pole can be fixed to 3 different shape flags.All BFP stands can fit for each size pole.Double sided flags (3 layers with liner inside) are available Standard sizes and templates Standard sizes and templates Standard sizes and templates
  • newsletter beachflag fiberglass

    Big Tent

    Accessaries Packing information :
  • bunting-370x370

    Bunting/Flag Lines

    Festive decoration with your promotion > Usual shapes available: Triangular (15 cm x 25 cm) and rectangular (20 cm x 30 cm) > Customized cord length > For events, festivals, parties, exhibitions > Strong eye catching effect > Easy to attach, easy to remove, reusable Buntings—attractive promotion effect and strong festive feeling Fabric Recommended stormflag […]